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Julien Rubat in his studio at Vermont Studio Center in 2022

Julien Rubat (b. 1980) is a French visual artist known for his use of paper and acrylic to create large scale abstract paintings on canvas.

Through the accumulation of layers and the building of meticulous structures, Rubat’s paintings form branching patterns that intersect and overlap, creating intricate and interconnected shapes that appear to be in a constant state of growth and transformation.

The overall effect is one of organic complexity, with each line seeming to adapt to its surrounding environment and evolve like a living organism. The use of bold monochromatic colors, contrasting with neutral backgrounds, convey a sense of vitality and energy as if the paintings themselves are alive and growing.

Each painting is highly detailed with a tactile quality, creating a depth and complexity that further enhances the sense of organic materiality and inviting closer inspection.

The large-scale works cover the canvas entirely, immersing and enveloping the viewer in a world of individual components shaped by the forces of flow and movement, that seem to spread out and intertwine with one another to create larger whole.

Supported by his original imprint approach, Rubat’s paintings seem to capture a moment in time, as if frozen in the midst of a process of perpetual change and evolution.

With a background in information technology, Rubat has lived in Paris and California, he now resides and works in the French Alps.